Waypoint Project

God’s Love Through Disaster Relief

Waypoint Project was organized to help alleviate the pain and suffering from both natural and man-made disasters. We believe that no human should go without access to food, clean water, the supplies needed to remain safe, or reliable life-saving information. Our mission is to insure that, even in the midst of a disaster, food, water, supplies, and information will be available for all of those in need.


Justin Hidalgo
Justin HidalgoPresident/CEO
Born to a father who dedicated his life to helping those in need, Justin has always had a passion for service. It was that very passion, along with the love of Jesus Christ, that drove him to create the Waypoint Project, along with co-founder Adam King, in 2020.

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Adam King
Adam KingVice-President/Secretary
Adam King is an information technology professional with over 15 years of experience in providing solutions both inside and outside of the realm of technology. Adam is a happy resident of Beaumont, Texas where he lives with his wife, Kat, an incredible cookie artist, and . . .

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Beau Hansen
Beau HansenTreasurer
Beau Hansen, our treasurer, is an enthusiastic & creative type that loves developing brand & ministry strategy. Before stepping into full-time vocational ministry, Beau led a nimble team of freelancers and was responsible for daily delivery and on-going operations.

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Jean-Paul Ostten
Jean-Paul OsttenBoard Member
Born the last of five children to parents who served as missionaries and evangelists, Jean-Paul has been involved in ministry his whole life. Having served on countless mission trips and service projects, he has developed a heart for those in need.

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Barry Ryman
Barry RymanBoard Member
Barry Ryman is a veteran officer of the US Army and native of Port Arthur, Texas. Barry served honorably and separated from the Army as a Captain and has worked for the past 30 years in the oil and gas industry for various EPFC firms as a project controls engineer and scheduler.

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Justin Hidalgo
Chief Executive Officer

Adam King
Chief Operating Officer

Megan Hidalgo
Executive Assistant