1. Choose Your Destination

We’re a diverse organization that requires a multitude of talents and skill-sets.

As the people of Waypoint Project respond to disasters across the globe, it should come as no surprise that our team represents talents and skill-sets as diverse as the communities we serve. Whether your talent places you behind a computer screen, steering wheel, or serving tables, we know we couldn’t completed our mission without you.


2. Application

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Once you’ve selected a career path, fill out your application and provide us with the information requested. Our talented Human Resources personnel will review your information and make sure that it goes to the right Team Leader.

Interview Process

3. Interview(s)

It’s time to meet our team and to enjoy our famous cold-brew coffee.

Once you’re selected for an interview, it means our Team Leader believes you may be a great candidate to become part of our paid team. You will be invited to our offices (or a coffee shop) where you’ll have the opportunity to meet with our team, discuss the career opportunity, and have some of that great cold-brew that we mentioned.


4. Success

You’re now a part of Waypoint Project’s paid team!

Congratulations! You’ve received the phone call letting you know that you have been selected to become a part of Waypoint Project’s paid staff. You will receive an orientation date where you will learn more about Waypoint, your job benefits, etc. Welcome to the family!

Apply Below!

Open Positions

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