Frequently Asked Questions2020-07-22T13:47:45-05:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Waypoint Project? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below for answers on the most commonly asked questions. If you still have a question that wasn’t addressed below, feel free to contact us!


What is the Waypoint Project?2021-05-03T16:33:58-05:00

Waypoint Project is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (EIN: 85-1488280). All donations are tax-deductible where allowed by law. We provide relief through several different core programs: disaster relief, hunger relief, and hygiene & sanitation.


When did the Waypoint Project begin?2020-07-22T13:46:49-05:00

The Waypoint Project was founded in 2020 by our current CEO and President, Justin Hidalgo, along with current Vice-President and Secretary, Adam King.



Where does the Waypoint Project work?2020-07-22T13:39:41-05:00

The Waypoint Project is primarily focused on providing direct relief to areas within the United States. However, we assist and aid organizations that provide relief globally.


How does Waypoint Project help people in need?2020-07-22T13:45:21-05:00

We provide direct relief through our three core programs: disaster relief, hunger relief, and hygiene & sanitation.


In what way can I help the Waypoint Project?2020-07-22T13:43:08-05:00

We are always seeking volunteers willing to serve, donors willing to give financially, and, most importantly, those willing to place our mission in their prayers.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering, please fill out an application.


How is Waypoint Project funded?2020-07-22T13:40:53-05:00

The Waypoint Project relies solely on charitable contributions from private donors, like yourself. If you would like to help fund out mission, please consider making a donation by clicking here.


How can I receive additional information about Waypoint Project?2020-07-22T13:44:20-05:00

While we try and provide as much information as we can on our website, we know there are still times where you have questions that are unanswered. To contact us, please visit our contact page.