Hygiene & Sanitation

Per a report published by DigDeep and the U.S. Water Alliance in 2019, more than two million Americans currently lack running water and basic plumbing. As a result, these Americans are at an increased risk for infections, disease, and an untold number of other health complications due to being unable to properly wash their hands, clothes, dishes, etc. When not deployed to disaster areas, Waypoint Project will aim to help provide sanitary and hygiene solutions to the populations that do not have access by providing pop-up showers, hand washing stations, and other basic sanitary needs.

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The most valuable resource that the Waypoint Project has is people like you. Without our volunteers, we simply could not successfully complete our mission. If you’ve got the time and the drive, consider volunteering with Waypoint.

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If you’re unable to give your time to the Waypoint Project but you’re still interesting in helping, we rely solely on funds donated by people like you. Consider donating to help fund Waypoint’s mission.

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