We, like so many across the country, are in absolute awe of the work that our nurses, teachers, and first responders are doing on a daily basis. From the dirty to the downright heart-touching, we want to simply thank our public servants for consistently being the heroes who touch our lives on a daily basis.

When you “Spoil-a-Hero,” the funds will be used to put together care packages that will be delivered all across the Southeast Texas area. Each care package will have a budget of approximately $25/each and will contain items that will help each respective servant complete their jobs (and a few creature comforts to let them know they’re appreciated).

All notes and dedications that are included with your donation will be included in the care package(s) that you sponsor.

Waypoint Project is a non-profit corporation. Our 501(c)(3) designation is pending from the IRS. If received, your donation will be tax-deductible. Once the determination is made by the IRS, you will be contacted via e-mail regarding your donation.

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