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1,000+ Meals in Westlake


As part of our Hurricane Laura response, volunteers with the Waypoint Project and FBC Westlake served more than 1,000 meals to those affected by the storm. Our response continues in Southwest Louisiana where we continue to serve those affected.

1,000+ Meals in Westlake2020-09-15T22:13:17-05:00

Deployment to Louisiana for Hurricane Laura


As Hurricane Laura was barreling down on Louisiana's coast, Waypoint's volunteers were busy planning the response to those who would ultimately be impacted by the storm. Shortly after the winds began to calm, Waypoint partnered with Beaumont's First Baptist Church and the First Baptist Church of Westlake to deploy volunteers and supplies to the Southwest Louisiana region. Since that time, multiple Waypoint teams have responded to the area, providing chainsaw crews, tarping crews, and several loads of supplies. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of the recovery process for those impacted by Hurricane Laura, but Waypoint will be there until the [...]

Deployment to Louisiana for Hurricane Laura2020-09-08T12:56:38-05:00